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Do You Wish to Earn Salesforce Certification: Admin ADM-201 or Developer CRT-450? Use This Post to Decide Which One Is Right for You


With more certifications on the market today, it can be a little bit tough to make a choice which one to opt for. And since Salesforce keeps releasing new badges based on the needs of the market, it can be even Author: HASHIM S . So, to avoid this, you need to take your time to consider each credential before deciding to pick what you need. Thus, this post includes roles and leading Salesforce certifications that are available today, which will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Overview of Salesforce Certifications and Roles

It’s worth mentioning that Salesforce badges are categorized according to definite job roles. So, you can make a choice depending on your preferences or interest. If you wish to become an administrator, architect, or consultant, for example, you’ll choose a credential whose specialization is in the Author: KHALID T which has various badges under it, based on the technology involved. Thus, you can find such categories of Salesforce credentials:

  • Administrator

Well, Salesforce administrators’ work is to utilize the features and the capacity that the Salesforce platform has. Such specialists customize it after collaborating with stakeholders in defining their requirements. The certifications under this section include the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, Marketing Cloud Admin, and Author: KYE U .

  • Consultant

Overall, Salesforce consultants have the adeptness to develop, build, and administer the functionality of the sales cloud. The badges in this part include nine popular credentials, some of which are the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Field Service Lightning Consultant, and Community Cloud Consultant. If you are eager to see the whole list of the Consultant badges, check out the official vendor’s website for this.

  • Developer

Commonly, developers apply programmatic customization and declarative skills in expanding and customizing apps on the Lightning platform. The accreditations here are the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II, Marketing Cloud Developer, B2C Author: AZAAN V , JavaScript Developer I, and Platform App Builder.

  • Marketer

Generally, Salesforce marketers design campaigns for targeted markets to enable customer connection and delivery of customer journeys. Marketers’ credentials comprise the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Developer, and Marketing Cloud Email Specialist. Other badges under this category are Pardot Consultant as well as Author: REGINALD W .

  • Architect

The credentials in this section fall into three certification tiers. They recognize specialization in skills and knowledge as well as how your expertise grows in the Salesforce platform. And based on the roles and technologies, the badges here include the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, Application Architect, System Architect, and Architecture Designer. Let’s see now how these certifications are distributed around the three levels:

  • The Heroku Architecture Designer credential validates one’s expertise in architecting solutions, managing apps, and building teams on Heroku Enterprise.
  • The Salesforce Application Architect as well as System Architect certifications are for those professionals who have expertise in specific fields.
  • The Technical Architect (CTA), which is the highest badge for those charged with designing and building technical solutions of high performance on the Salesforce platform using expertise that spans across all Author: ROBBIE X .


Looking at each Salesforce role and the related badges should help you come up with what you’d wish to pursue as a specialization. Any Salesforce certification can provide plenty of opportunities for everyone. Those interested in marketing, consulting, administration, design, as well as development can find suitable options to develop their expertise with Salesforce. It’s time to make a choice and begin your journey for acquiring your desired certification!

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